Sustainable Calendar
Design that combines DuPont™ Tyvek® material and children's education for sustainable living

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Design for kids
Barcelona, Spain
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After researching and analyzing the current state of sustainability in China, we believe that in addition to producing more sustainable and recyclable products, education on sustainability knowledge is also very important.

Our products are targeted at children and are inspired by the Chinese almanac, which naturally incorporates the act of looking at the calendar every day into innovative sustainability education.

The nature of Tyvek materials adds variety to the game and allows for collaboration with designers, environmental companies, etc., to generate more ecological content. We hope to work with Family Mart in Shanghai to include actual touchpoints throughout the service body system and inspire more collaboration possibilities.

Service process diagram & Example of first day of January activities


After an in-depth study of the current situation of sustainable development in China, we found that not a few domestic enterprises have made efforts in sustainable development, but due to the lack of relevant knowledge, individual users cannot continue the original intention of sustainable design of enterprises.

For example, the take-out platform "", launched biodegradable plastic bags, but the average user does not know that biodegradable plastic bags do not degrade naturally when placed in the soil, but only after an orderly composting process. We also found that some people have the will to take action but lack rich and accessible sources of information to help them learn how to practice sustainability.

Biodegradable plastic bag from
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Incomplete information transfer between the public, businesses, and government is one of the reasons for the frequent setbacks in domestic sustainability development. Our analysis suggests that, in addition to designing more sustainable and recyclable products, it is important to promote sustainable development by conducting individual-oriented and continuous publicity and influence.

The search results of Baidu index show that people who are concerned about sustainable development are concentrated in the young group, and they are also the leading practitioners of sustainable development in the future. Taking into account, this design defines the main users as the new generation of young families. The product is made based on the characteristics of Tyvke, combining education and entertainment to popularize the concept of sustainable living in daily interaction.

Baidu index for sustainable development
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The specific concept comes from Chinese almanac. Each page of the calendar is designed with sustainability-related games, and family members can participate together, the act of looking at the calendar every day, the natural integration of creative sustainability education. We chose Tyvek as the carrier of the calendar. Its material characteristics provide more possibilities for game interaction and facilitate collaboration with designers in different months to produce environmental content.

Chinese almanac
My grandmother would tear off the day's calendar
at the end of the day or when a new day arrived.
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In terms of distribution channels, we hope to cooperate with Shanghai Family Mart, considering the high popularity of Family Mart in Shanghai, making it easier to deliver and recycle on the one hand. The offline physical stores are a trigger point for the product to connect with users, which makes it more immersive and allows us to link up with Family to launch cross-border cooperation such as sustainability points activities and Family environmental protection exhibitions.

Service blueprint

What I  have learned

Through this project, I gained a deep understanding of DuPont's sustainability. The gradual improvement of the U.S. government's sustainability policy has prompted DuPont to make changes to meet the new policy. In the process of exploring sustainable development, DuPont has encountered many difficulties, but they have overcome them one by one with wisdom, innovation, and perseverance. And now they are engaged in more sustainable work, which has become an important part of the company's philosophy. China's sustainable development has also entered a new phase, and the country is gradually strengthening the system to promote the sustainable development of enterprises. And China's sustainable development has entered a new phase, as the government is strengthening the establishment of policies progressively to promote enterprises' sustainable development.

see more about Dupont ︎︎︎

Sustainability is a complicated subject. In the past I also thought that since degradable plastics have been created, the plastic problem should also improve, until I participated in a composting activity for degradable plastics and I found out that the process of degrading plastics is much longer and more laborious than the process of producing plastics. So where and who will do the degradation of degradable plastics? What can it be after degradation?

Composting activity for degradable plastics in Taiwan

"Education should be ahead of development," and I think this phrase also applies to sustainable development. Only by making more people aware of the importance of sustainable development will more people think about these issues in the future.   ︎

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