Chen Jiang is from Wuhan, China 🌏️, and is now in Barcelona, Spain 🌍️. She studied architecture in Shanghai. During her studies, she was exposed to participatory design and gradually discovered that she likes to focus on people and the relationship between people and design. Then she came to Taiwan to learn how to do human-centered research and design. A year later, she came to Barcelona to study design, innovation, and technology. Here she has the chance to immerse herself in how people can inspire innovation and more diverse knowledge of design and critical thinking.

She has never limited the direction of problem discovery and problem-solving. Her projects include space, APP, webpage, service system, experiential activities, etc. In accumulating new life experiences, she is also discovering problems and thinking of solutions to new problems. She is curious about areas she has not yet reached or is unfamiliar with and looks forward to the opportunity to explore them.

She is interested in psychology and productivity. She has read books about them and has taken systematic psychology courses. She loves to learn and share. In her spare time, she studies Spanish and coding. And she is also a Chinese teacher, helping children and adults to learn Chinese.

If you want to hire her, please contact her.

She also has a lot of plans and ideas in the making at the moment, so if you have interesting ideas too, contact her and maybe you can do something interesting together. Please contact her.

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JIANG Chen (b.1994) Wuhan, Hubei, China
Studies and lives in Barcelona, Spain


2013-2018 Architecture Shanghai University  
2018-2019 Service Science National Tsing Hua University (Leave of absence)
2019-2020 Design, Innovation and Technology Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya 

Research Experience

Final project: Memoron Barcelona, Spain
Sustainable Calender Barcelona, Spain

Easy Check, Happy out Hsinchu, Taiwan 
Public Welfare Construction Hsinchu, Taiwan
CHI 2019 Student Competition: Euthymia Hsichu, Taiwan
Haocaitou Hsinchu, Taiwan 
Service Design Competiion: Mama cafe Hsinchu, Taiwan

Final project: Zhiying’s Seventh Dream Shanghai, China
Ming Chuan University Exchange Program Taoyuan, Taiwan

Participatory Design Workshop Shanghai and Whenzhou, China
the Summer Practice  Shanghai, China
the Design Project of Shanghai University Zhoushan, China
Ancient Building Survey Shanghai, China
International Velux Award 2016 Shanghai, China
Architecture Tour in Japan Tokyo& Kyoto,etc. Japan

The Interpretation of urban future 2015 Shanghai, China
Italy Top Architecture Drawing Study Tour Roma, Italy

Professional Experience

Product Designer (Internship)
Xinxiao Tech Company

Product Manager (Internship)

Architecture Design Assistant (Internship) Shanghai, China
Yuanji Architecture Company

Personal Experience

Chinese teacher
Barcelona, Spain

As an assistant in math, physical and Chemistry in FUDAN·TOEIC E&T CENTER of Shanghai Shanghai, China
Participated in "2015 Shanghai Chongming Forest Half Maratho n Race" Shanghai, China
As the vice president of the "Architecture and Art Society" club Shanghai, China

As the head of "Green Lifestyle Union" club Shanghai, China
Volunteered in teaching Primary school students knowledge about environmental protection. Shanghai, China

As a leader of Victory Team in SCOPE JUMP4 Traning Camp Shanghai, China
Volunteered in ”Fruit Greeting Card“ activity Shanghai, China
Volunteered in ”the charity activity of 100 caring“ Shanghai, China