Participatory design workshop
A workshop about narration, drawing and public participation

Shanghai & Wenzhou, China
Team work 


This workshop was very meaningful to me. In the past, I did many projects in school by going to the base and doing the most basic research by myself, but this workshop made me deeply appreciate the importance of users, we can not only study users, we can even involve users in the design.

Mapping: usually we do planar mapping, such as traffic flow analysis, functional analysis, location analysis, texture analysis, etc. Our current project allows us to try a new way, 3D mapping.

Participatory Design: this is not a new concept, in fact, in the beginning of mankind, a tribe of people would work together, and the design produced was the result of everyone's work.

Now, from "user-centered design" to "user-participatory design", participatory design in architectural practice: we need a method to turn a very professional architectural design into a way that users can operate. In this case, we are playing games with users to understand their needs for specific spaces.

Our mapping

Our survey game
to knot users’ idea about functional planning

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