Public Welfare Construction:
think of old market under Urbanization

Design of space in old market
Dongmen Market, Hsinchu city, Taiwan
Team work
Prof. Peixian Xu


The Hsinchu Dongmen Market is the first cement structure market in Taiwan. And there is the earliest electric escalator in Hsinchu. However, under the rapid development of urbanization, the old market is no longer prosperous and just leave a historical building.

In this Dongmen market activation workshop, we explored the site with a theoretical method of design thinking.We want to open the "door" of the old market to connect school, city and market. Based on this, we decided the space function and use Participatory Construction method to achieve. Students are divided into four groups to complete space design ,build , multi-functional furniture construction, hydropower design and installation, space interactive signboard design, production and project promotion.


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