Selections of internship projects
Yuanji arch

Yuanji arch
Shanghai, China
Team work
2017.06 - 2017.11

It is an architectural landscape office that specializes in architecture and landscape design at various scales.


This is a landscape design based in the countryside around Shanghai. Behind the houses of eight households lined up in a row, there is just one open space. Because the park is at the back door of the tenant, this is a semi-private and semi-open space.

The irregular curve divides the road from the back door of the household to the outside. The curved shape close to the house serves as a private garden for the residents, and the outside is used as an open space for public relaxation.


Aerial view

Public Store in  village

On both sides of the village's main road are two vacant lots. The village wanted to build public buildings —— places for villagers to promote their fresh vegetables and fruits. I made full use of these two pieces of land to create three different spaces. There are two indoor shopping areas on both sides. There is a public terrace area for more diverse village activities and a field on one side where villagers could display their freshest crops.

Nursing home  interior design

The entrance of the nursing home has the functions of consultation, check-in and rest. Wood is used as the main interior space decoration, especially in the ceiling section, which is designed by borrowing the intention of bamboo knots (in China, bamboo means longevity) and hiding lamps in the joints of each bamboo section. The signage for the different spaces is also made of wood.   ︎

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