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Xinxiao tech

Xinxiao tech

Team work 

2019.09 - 2019.02

A star-up builds products that increase efficiency and inspire users.

YouKe website - Homepage

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Youke is simple and easy-to-operate customer service system. My task is to upgrade the homepage of the Youke website. Through my testing of the Youke website app, I found two problems with the Youke website's homepage:

Since the homepage had not been updated for a long time, some valuable new features of the customer service system were not reflected on the homepage.

The structure of the homepage was still complete, but the content of Benefits was missing.

Homepage Enhancement

After discussion, we kept a part of the homepage's original layout, added the content of Benefits, and reworked the part of Value Proposion. The new and modified parts are presented with animation.

Benefits Animation

Youke new feature — changelog

After digging into user needs, the team decided to add the feature of posting changelogs to the customer service system. It allows users to post product updates directly within Youke and generates changelog's website. I was responsible for the design of the new feature.

Users can find the "changelog" button on the home page and enter the changelog list page to edit the changelog; on the edit log page, users can enter the update content in four functional blocks - brief description of the log, new features, updates and bug fixes. After publishing, an changelog will be automatically generated in the changelog web.

Income Calendar

This is a target app for recording income and I am responsible for the design. Meet the user's need to set monthly, weekly and daily goals with the simplest interaction and interface design.   ︎

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