Touqian River area 
revitalization service design

Service Innovation

Regional revitalization
Hsinchu, Taiwan
Team work
Prof. Furen Lin


The Touqian River is a major river in Hsinchu, flowing through the areas of Hengshan Township, Jianshi Township, Lhunlin Township, and Zhubei City, linking the city and township of Hsinchu. The lack of planning has led to the low usage rate, and most Hsinchu residents do not know enough about the Touqian River.

Therefore, the team intends to use Line Chatbot as the touchpoint to achieve the goal of revitalizing the Touqian river through bicycle tour: on the one hand, it uses gamified blind tour to attract more people to the Touqian River, and on the other hand, it helps the government to improve the Touqian River by sending back the information collected from users to the government.

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The project went through four processes: research, design, testing, and iteration.

We conducted two field studies. The first was a group visit to Touqian River to understand the area through interviews with residents and observations; the second was a cycling activity organized to attract interested people to come along to Touqian River.

After the activity, interviews were conducted with all participants. The Affinity diagram was used to organize all the information and based on the information, and our Persona was constructed.

Based on our Persona, we brainstormed solutions and voted on a design direction, on the basis of which we created Value Proposition Canvas, Service blueprint and Business Canvas.

We then designed the website to test our ideas and iterated on our design, taking into account the feedback and refining our gamification tour.

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What I have learned

When the research can't go on, it's good to organize a low-cost and high-efficiency activity!

While doing the base study, we ran into a problem where our fieldwork couldn't tell us any more about the base. So after doing our first presentation and thinking about the feedback we had received from everyone, we decided to run a bicycle tour first. This different fieldwork was a great success, and even the site's original condition attracted some students. During the activity, everyone enjoyed the process and gave us valuable suggestions for our project.

Go deeper and deeper!

For this project, because we needed to think about the Business Model at the same time, we thought a bit more about each step than in a pure design project. For example, we ended up choosing LineChatbot instead of redesigning an app; in the test questionnaire, we asked for price opinions; we used a low-cost approach to test; and at the end of the project, we made a concrete example of a gamified tour.

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