Family Planning
Think of space for daily life

Design of city
Baoshan road, Jing an district,Shanghai
Team work
Prof.Lingshuang Deng


"One axis, three belts," the new Jingan policy makes the base in the future has a higher value. Convenient transportation, good future planning laid the foundation of the positioning of Top residential areas in the region, but the backwardness of infrastructure means that we have to face the problem - the daily lives of residents.

Family Planning looks at spaces of belonging and connection, it reinterpret the forming of a family and the meaning of citizen consistency. In our design, a family is the units in the society, and in the future society, people will be more intimacy with each other. In doing so, it interrogates and reimagines the space of the family unit, and offer the possibility to connect the family units and architecturalize it, giving new opportunity for more diverse families and connect them. 


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