The private assistant of your emotion regulation

Design for people with poor emotion regulation ability
Hsinchu, Taiwan
Team work
Prof. Stanley Chang

Poor emotion regulation ability often leads to terrible living quality and development of mental illness. What is worse, people may, therefore, commit harmful behaviors.

Euthymia provide an emotion management service. We propose two approaches to emotion regulation, chat, and self-reflection. In addition, we propose an emotion monitor that combines physiology data and user's self-report data.

paper of the project ︎︎︎

poster of the project ︎︎︎

some records of the project

What I have learned?

I learned and practiced how to do a complete user-centered interaction design. I participated in doing user research by Interviews and Affinity Diagram, creating Personas and Scenarios, building ideas by Sketching and Storyboarding, doing Paper prototyping, Rapid Evaluation, Interactive Prototyping, and doing User Testing of typical tasks on the system.

What's more, I felt the power of cross-disciplinary cooperation. In fact, all five of us in the team have different professional backgrounds - psychology, architectural design, data analysis, computer science, and management. However, we all try our best to use our original professional strengths to bring more thinking or better design presentation to the project. For example, when doing user research, we do not only qualitative research on the interview results but also quantitative data analysis.

Of course, we had heated discussions during the collaboration process, but the proper use of design thinking resolved some of our disagreements in the discussion process and gradually brought us to consensuses.   ︎

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